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If you have questions we have answers!  Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions.  For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is Prairie Fire Children's Theatre?

Founded in 1987, PFCT is a professional touring theatre company based in Barrett, Minnesota. We have been bringing theatre to young people throughout the Midwest since 1987 and are a proud recipient of the Minnesota Alliance for Arts in Education award for excellence.


What can Prairie Fire do for my community?

PFCT tours a variety of original musical adaptations of classical tales. We have both school year and summer programs available. Two professional Actor/Directors from our staff come to your community for a one week residency. We audition local children casting 70-85 depending on the particular play you've scheduled. After rehearsing four hours and fifteen minutes a day, the cast will perform the play twice on the weekend. Income from the ticket sales go to you, the sponsoring school or organization. Our staff is also available to conduct a wide assortment of theatrical workshops for an additional fee.We come complete with everything needed to do the show: sets, props, scripts, make-up, costumes, music, etc....everything but the kids!


What makes Prairie Fire residencies so special?

PFCT provides a drama experience for your community, which can either compliment existing programming or fill a void. Our residencies can accommodate large numbers of young people ages 7 - 18, or can be geared toward a specific age group, it's your choice! Participants experience the excitement of producing an original play while working and learning together on a daily basis. The program concentrates on individual attention although it only requires one week.Your community will have the opportunity to attend performances that are enjoyable for adults as well as children, spot lighting the young people of your community. It's a lot of fun!


What are my responsibilites as a sponsor?

Here are some ways you can make your week with Prairie Fire a success for your community: Promote the auditions and performances. We provide you with a sponsor kit which contains posters to advertise both auditions and performances, sample ads, press releases, a mock up program and logo sheet.Arrange ticket pricing and sales. Set and coordinate registration fees for participants (if you choose to charge.) Income from either goes to you.Secure the performance area for rehearsals and shows the week of the residency. A secondary rehearsal area is needed Monday and Tuesday, a classroom is fine.Provide a CD sound system for music Wednesday Saturday, and someone to run it. A student is great!Furnish theatrical lighting and a spot light if possible, and people to run them. Again, as with sound, students interested in this aspect of theatre are perfect.Please note PFCT is used to performing in state of the art auditoriums, as well as on gym floors. We are very flexible and can adjust to whatever you have available for spaces, light and sound!Provide motel accommodations for the directors for the week.


Where do you Travel?

Prairie Fire tours Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.  We are also willing to travel past these states.


How do you find your Actors/Directors?

Prairie Fire Children's Theatre goes to several national auditions.  We contact references and do background checks for each Actor/Director hired.  We have three seasons:  Winter/Spring (January to May), Summer (May to August) and Fall (September to December).  A tour Actor/Director may be contracted for one season or any combination of seasons.


How long are rehearsals with the kids?

Whether it is during the school day, or after school, or while the children are on vacation from school the rehearsal period is four hours and fifteen minutes per day, with slight variations on audition day and show day.


Do the kids get scripts prior to the arrival of PFCT in the community?

No preparation is necessary for a PFCT audition because no child is cast before the arrival of the Tour Actors/Directors.  They all go through an audition process together and get cast in a matter of hours.  After that audition is when the kids first see a script, if one is given to them.


When can workshops take place?

Outside of regular rehearsal process Prairie Fire Children's Theatre Actors/Direcotrs can do a wide variety of workshops with children of all ages.  Workshops happen anytime before or after depending which time is more appropriate for you.


Where is Barrett, Minnesota?

Barrett is a small town in West Central Minnesota.  It is about two and half hours northwest of the Twin Cities.


Where do I go from here?

We are anxious to talk with you about what Prairie Fire Children's Theatre can do for your community. To find out more about our programs, feel free to call us at 612-518-9077, or drop us a line at Box 82, Barrett, MN 56311,  or via email at


Catch the Fire!!

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