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Established in November of 2008, The Legacy Amendment dedicated 3/8 of 1 percent of our sales tax in Minnesota to arts and culture, natural resources, and parks and trails.  The state began to collect the money in July of 2009.  The arts ends up with 19.7 percent of the Legacy Money, which translates into roughly $23 million annually.


The lions share of the arts Legacy Money is dispersed through the MN State Arts Board and the network of Regional Arts Councils throughout the state. Every Regional Arts Council now receives Legacy Money in addition to the money they normally get to fund arts projects in their region.  Another resource receiving some money for dispersal is our library systems.


Nonprofit organizations, communities, units of government, schools, arts organizations, artists, and many others will be able to apply for these grants.  We strongly urge you  to contact your Region Arts Council for more information on this and other funding they may have available.

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