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"As a faculty we love the work being taken off of us, one week out of our schedule is nothing compared to the weeks/months of work we would have to do.  Then we still wouldn't have the professionalism that PFCT brings".                                         

Dorothy Treuden - St. John's Lutheran School


"I wanted to send a quick comment.  I was THRILLED when I happened to notice something in Hartland (15 minute drive from Oconomowoc).  This was not even comprehensible to me, how you could possibly put on a show after only 3+ days of practice!!  I have been in several shows myself of MONTHS of rehearsals!!  And with 70 kids yet?  No way!!  Well YES way!!  It was truly amazing, definitely a highlight of the summer!!!  I really cannot say enough at the talent of the directors.  They were kind, strict, and super fun for the kids all rolled up into one package!  They were phenomenal in their roles as well!!  I loved it sooooooo much!"                                          

Christie Nelson - Oconomowoc, WI                                        


"The Children of our community shared a full "Theatric" experience.  PFCT always does a top notch job!  We look forward to next year!"                                          

Production Manager - Ironwood Theatre, Inc., Ironwood, MI


"Our daughter just finished a week working at the Wautoma, WI McComb Center for Arts.  I wanted you to know what wonderful experience this was for her and our family.  The children all seemed to learn so much and grow in the short week.  Thank you for giving this community such a great exposure to the arts.  Your staff should be proud!"                                           

Cindy & James Brenqosz


"Thank you so much for another great week of Children's Theatre!  Once again you worked your magic and produced another great show.  It is so great to see the "budding stars on stage and theatre" of our local youth under the great leadership and support of your staff.  This has been such a great opportunity for our middle school students to not only "find themselves", but to boost their self confidence as well."                                           

Julie Eckhardt - Fort Madison Middle School, Fort Madison Iowa


"I was walking up the main isle, up the stairs, towards the stage, singing "Ace! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! Jack! Queen! King! standing all in a line!  Deck of caaarrrrrdddds!, when the unthinkable happened.  My shoe fell off.  I was paralyzed.  I sat down on the stairs, frantically looking for my shoe.  Deb was coming up the isle towards me shouting "Off with their heads!"  My heart was racing, my palms started to sweat, I was sure that everyone could see my heart pumping out from behind the card costume  That was it, it was all over.  The queen was coming.  I was about to faint, and then, in a stroke of inconceivable cosmic timing, Deb walked up the stair towards me, tapped me on the head with her fan, and shouted, "Off with her head" perfectly timed to the tune.  I stared into a sea of darkness as I scanned the crowd for my mother.  The light was blinding.  And in that moment my life was forever changed.  The crowd laughed!  The actually laughed!  The course of history that is, Beth took an immediate and unstoppable cue to the left.  I was seven.We lived in Aurora, MN, and we were sssssooooooooo poor.  My mother didn't know what to do with me.  I was a creative kid but she could do nothing for me.  So when you guys rolled around, she knew she could give me tast3 so that I would be hungry.  You guys have significantly changed my life.  Now I am 23.  I was the president of our theatre guild in high school, and when I graduated, lol I headed west.  Now, I am in California, chasing the dream.  I am working with Ophelia theatre group in Lake Elsinore California as a producer.  It's amazing how one little thing can change your life.  You have changed mine, and now I can only hope but to spread the hunger!!  Thank You!!"

Beth Filius - Prairie Fire kid


"I was in a PFCT production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs over 13 years ago and just recently came across the program for the show.  Along with the program, I was able to locate the VHS tape that was made of the performance and let me just say it was amazing to watch that.  Being part of that play has always been a memory that I could look back on with joy.  I remember my audition for Hickory (whom I ended up playing), sitting in the school hallway learning and rehearsing line, and the fun I had with the two directors.  But most important, I remember the friends I made.  I am writing today to simply express my surprise and joy that Prairie Fire is still around and going strong!  I know that if I still have such fond memories of my experience so long ago, the memories you create for the newer generations will last their entire lives as well.  Keep up the good Work!"

Nathan Rossin - Prairie Fire kid

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