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If you would like to audition to be a Touring Actor/Director for Prairie Fire Children's Theatre, there are a couple ways you can.  You may attend one of the unified auditions that PFCT attends.  The two unified auditions are the Unified Professional Theatre Auditions (UPTAs) in Memphis, TN, and the Twin Cities Unified Theatre Auditions (TCUTA) in St. Paul, MN.  Please see the links below for further information on each of these unified auditions.  Your other option is sending us a videotaped audition.







Videotape Submissions

To apply to be an Actor/Director you may send an audition on a DVD or YouTube link. 


It should contain the following:

1. A monologue  

2. A song  

3. You talking about yourself.


Along with that recording please enclose:  

1. A headshot/Resume  

2. Two references (prefer at least one that can talk about your work with kids). 


Once you have everything, please mail it to:


Prairie Fire Children's Theatre

c/o Jeremy Day - Auditions 

PO Box 82 

Barrett, MN 56311


For additional audition information please contact Jeremy Day, our Artistic Director, at (612) 518-9077.


Or email your materials to:


prairiefirechildrenstheatre@gmail.comattn Jeremy Day

Subject: Tour Actor/Director Audition

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