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In addition to our residencies we also offer an exciting variety of workshops, for all ages!  Each workshop runs 60 minutes in length. For more information, please contact Jeremy Day at (612) 518-9077.

Creative Dramatics

This workshop is geared towards children age 5-7. Young actors play games to explore the 5 senses; through those games they gain a fundamental understanding of the tools an actor uses onstage!


Actors of any age are welcome in this workshop where we explore acting without words. Mime dives into multiple forms of nonverbal communication and how an actor can express an entire emotion, idea, or story without speaking!


Actors of any age are welcome in this workshop where we demonstrate various techniques of Stage Makeup. From basic blush and eyeshadow, to old age makeup, to special effects, this workshop introduces the actor to the transformative power of makeup and lets their visual creativity shine!


In this workshop, students age 8-13 (or older) learn more complex concepts of acting through various dramatic activities. Basic Acting focuses on the ideas of Observation, Memorization, Concentration, and Imagination and how these concepts relate to theatre.


This workshop focuses on acting without a script. Improvisation teaches our slightly older actors (10 and up) how to create unique scenarios and situations without rehearsal. Our games and exercises emphasize listening to fellow actors, streamlining ideas, and trusting yourself!


Our Tour Directors are unique individuals with a wide variety of skills – we encourage them to create Specialty Workshops based on their talents. Feel free to check in with your Tour Directors to see if they’ve created a workshop that would work for your young actors!

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